The Earth – my home, my future, my life

Earth is like a home to me. As my house has many rooms, in witch I can eat, I can play, I can learn, I can sleep and I can pray, so the Earth has several warehouses. They can offer me comfort and all the basic needs, just if I take care for them and I try to put in it everything I need to take, at one time, to grow up and feel good.
Therefore, the most important thing to live well on Earth, is to keep it clean, as we clean our own room. I started it  by collecting the garbage, selecting it and throwing it in the right place. In this way, a lot of my rests will be recycled, and it will result new resources.
Second thing, is to not forget to fill the storerooms with what we used. For example, we are consumers of fresh air constantly. We can obtain that fresh air by planting trees. I already did that, helped by my colleges and my teacher, so is never impossible, even when you are just a kid.
The last but not the least, to consume every resource with care, thereby make no waste. Do not let the water running when not using effectively, do not let the lights on when you are not around the room or when is sunny enough, do not leave unfinished sheets in the notebooks, before we start new ones, do not use excessively the napkins or the toilet paper, do not pack those goods who not require packaging, do not leave the TV or the computer turned on while you are not looking or working at them - these are all simple things that could be applied from a child like me just by wishing it.
If each of us would think of our planet as their own house, as their own resources, certainly The Earth would be cleaner, more lively and more sustainable.
Glință Sara Maria
Liceul de Arte „Dinu Lipatti” Pitești